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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  January 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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enthusiasm, in part because of the new administration in town who committed to pro-life policies. >> put approximately news outlet reporting mike pence are expected to speak at the event. is there we are excited about the possibilities ahead. >> march goers say this year they are feeling a different kind of spirit. >> there is a newfound, i think a hopefulness that we can begin to embrace life at its very beginnings to the very ends. >> god loves life. god created life. you are not alone. we are here for you. we are supporting you. >> the event is expected to kick off before noon with the march happening around 1:00. live in northwest washington, amy aubert, abc7 news. >> all right. thank you. of course, tomorrow's rally means a lot of road closures. you will find a complete list on we are
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much of tomorrow's coverage online. we will carry it live at the sister station newschannel8. larry: the past few days have been perfect weather to get outside. as the sun sets tonight, literally it appears to set figuratively on the spring like weather. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has a look at the change that is on the way. doug: it started today. we had temperatures in the upper 50's, close to 60 the temperatures are slowly falling. jump to tomorrow and we will see continuation of the gusty winds at time. the big thing are the colder temperatures. we start the day in the 30's. 40-degree reading around noon. 43 in the afternoon. we still have up to a couple more hours until 7:00. wind advisory across a large portion of the area. wind gust up to 40 miles per hour in spots. in the next three hours, more 30 to 35 miles per hour gusts will be isolated. as far as the gusts at the moment, look at the recent wind gust. 46 miles per hour gust at b.w.i.
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reagan normal. leesburg at 35. it's windy out there still but a slow lessening of the wind pattern through the evening. right now we have the numbers producing the wind chills in the lower 40's to the mid-30's. this will get colder and lower by tomorrow morning. but the key is to remember this is not an arctic outbreak. this is the weather conditions more reminiscent of the late january weather patterns. that is it. larry: thanks. one of the d.c. most iconic murals. the sprodding creation that adorns the side of the original ben's chili bowl location. but tonight the image has been whitewashed. overnight ben's chili bowl hired painters to completely cover the mural in favor of something new. you can weigh in on whether change was needed going to while you are voting we will turn to richard reeve. we want to find out what prompted all of this. richard: the owners he
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the mural was weather beaten and born. take a look at this. this is what you are seeing now. the message new year, new mural. already 1,500 people voted for new images on the wall. ben's chili bowl known for the food, of course. >> it has been an interesting and an amazing response this morning. >> but also the iconic mural outside -- wait a minute. >> i don't know. i'm at a loss for words. richard: overnight owners painted over what had been images of former president obama, bill cosby, d.j. simpson and go-go legend chuck brown. >> there are a lot of changes going on. we said it's time to change the mural and put new faces up there. >> cosby the most famous visitor until mr. obama came to eat in 2009. the cosby image controversial in the wake of the allegations that he has sexually assaulted dozens of women. >> does it enter into it? >> no.
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good again. richard: someone painted an image over kim jong un over cosby. the owner says the makeover has nothing to do with the cosby investigation or mr. obama leaving office. >> i'm torn between the two emotions. >> it gives you a feel for washington, for this place. because the mural is a pretty well-known thing. >> they will keep soliciting names through the end of february. start painting in april hay they hope. some of the iconic names talked about are martin luther king, muhammad ali. the top two names right now in the contest, mr. and mrs. obama. reporting live, richard reeve abc7 news. alison: we will watch and see what happens. thank you. this was a protest that had the city looking up all day. the banner hung from a crane in northwest washington that made the word "resist" appear right above the white house.
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16 hours with the activists from greenpeace finally coming down off the crane. but not until 10:00 last night. all seven were promptly arrested. they are all in court right now. the d.c. bureau chief sam ford is in the courtroom and we will check in with him when it's complete. protesters are lining the streets in philadelphia as the republicans gather there for a retreat to talk about the strategy in the coming year with a new republican administration. of course they were protesting, the protesters were protesting the new president trump who rode in air force one today for the first time. even inviting the media in the president's office for a photo shoot. in the gaggle we learned one way the president believes he could make messco pay for a border wall -- make mexico pay for a border wall. chief political correspondent scott thuman is here to explain. a lot to cover. scott: i will try to get you through it. this is a big bone of contention between the united
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specifically and the president of mexico on how to pay for the wall. here is what developed today. we had a planned meeting between trump and president nieto. suddenly both men seem to be at a stand still because of the issue. now the meeting has been canceled. they are not getting together. not in the immediate future. and then trump, president trump on the road in philadelphia today brought up the issue again and said it was a much decision not to -- mutual decision not to have the meeting because they're at odds. i want you to hear from him and then i will explain the plan moving forward that is also controversy. listen. president trump: unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless. i want to go a different route. scott: t
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floated by sean spicer that is making news. what is in the works as a plan but not definitive is an idea to go ahead and add a border tax for products going across the border from mexico to the united states. $50 billion worth of commerce takes place there. what spicer said is if you put a 20% tax on that, that is something that the president is discussing, that would easily raise the $10 billion that is necessary in one year to pay for the wall. they say they are in discussion with the leaders here on capitol hill about that. whether or not that would backfire. of course then companies that are building goods and making goods to mexico would increase the price to compensate for that. would the prices be passed on to consumers? who knows. it's early in conversation. nonetheless it's floated out there. talked about and debuilted on capitol hill according to sean spicer. that has prompted even more debate.
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larry: 24 hours after protests across d.c. against trump's plan to crack down on illegal immigration, we are seeing a different side to the story. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg spoke with a leader who says his county stands behind the president. jeff: the more donald trump talks tough on illegal immigration the more it pleases corey stewart. >> finally, we have a present who is willing to remove criminal aliens. stewart is a republican candidate for governor in virginia and chair of the prince william county board of supervisors. this week the board voted unanimously to ask the federal government for the information on undocumented immigrants who have committed crimes in the county over the past several years. stewart says local police turned over 7,000 criminals to the federal law enforcement. but that the county has been unable to find out whether the individuals were deported or released. >> all of the 7,500 illegal
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they need to be deported. jeff: michelle is with casa virginia, immigrants rights group. they support public safety but she believes targeting immigrants will harm community the community policing. >> people will be afraid to call the police to report it and it will make crime more rampant. >> woodbridge worry about an overall crackdown on undocumented immigrants. >> it makes it harder for them to live their lives. >> other support the county board for taking action. >> if they are criminals they know that they are criminals. i would agree with their stance on it. >> corey stewart estimates of the 7,500 undocumented immigrants that have been arrested 5,000 still remain in prince william county. the board of supervisors will draft a letter asking the federal government for the information next week. in occoquan, jeff gol
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alison: thank you. still ahead at 5:00, -- >> those he tells are den of crime, prostitution, drug and murder. >> the new plan in one community to fight back against the hotels. police say are filling their community with crime. >> time ticking on the doomsday clock. why it is being moved closer to midnight. alison: first, thousands dug in to protest an oil pipeline despite arctic conditions. the reaction to president trump pipeline push is next. larry: reminder the "7 on your side" help center is open to give you answers to legal questions. call 703-236-9220. you can ask the
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larry: investigators in iowa are looking into what caused a pipeline to leak, causing a major oil spill. this happened yesterday morning when the underground pipeline ruptured and sprayed out more than 138,000 gallons of diesel. vacuums reused to suck up the oil before it contaminated a water supply. >> the pipeline leak comes two days after president trump signed executive orders
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pipeline expansions. president trump: this is with respect to the construction of the dakota access pipeline. dakota access pipeline. again, subject to terms and conditions to be negotiated by us. alison: president trump insists the pipelines will create jobs. many worry about the environmental impacts, of course. daniel woodruff joins us from standing rock, north dakota where a month long protest continues against the pipeline. you have real winter weather there. isn't that isn't stopping things, right? the winter weather continues extremely strong. you can see behind me there are many people here. this is one of the three camps at the standing rock reservation. people remain here throughout the winter. despite
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anywhere. another frigid moment in cannonball, north dakota. her hut is warm with the stove and blankets. she has needed it. >> the last time we got a blizzard it was 55 below. >> part of the sacred stone camp on the standing rock indian reservation. several hundred people held out here protesting construction of the dakota access pipeline just across the way. >> we got to protect the water. without the water we can't have life. >> throughout the camp the pipeline is what everyone talks about. especially since president trump gave the green light for it to move forward. >> the president says the pipeline will be good for the jobs, economy and the country. >> no, no, no, no, no. no. there are only a few select people that get the jobs. >> that is the feeling among most people here. >> we have enough oil. >> i love nature. >> that there is no good reason at al
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pipeline. >> the president already put pen to paper. is it worth staying here now? >> absolutely. i find no reason to leave. >> they don't plan to. the standing rock sioux has asked them to do. they will do whatever they can to stop what they view as a threat. >> i hope so. all i can really do is pray. >> at one point there were 10,000 people here at the camps. obviously that number has dwindled since then. but we are told that more protesters are on the way. >> okay. larry: thank you. the eighth annual cool schools plunge at sandy park. 3,000 students took part in the fun leaping in the cold water around noon. look at them! alison: this
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than most years. today. doug: low 50's but the water temperature is 40 degrees. enough of a breeze you better get a way to get warm. i did it years ago. polar bear plunge. i forgot to prepare ahead for what to do. i thought it would be need. but when you are soaking wet and freaking cold and covered with sand how do you change in the car? miserable. think ahead. they have it figured out now. it's all good. larry: get started. snowing in frostberg again. you don't see the visibility because the snow flake is stuck to the camera lens. 33 degrees. the temperatures will fall. western maryland once you get past frostburg and kaiser ridge where the elevation jumps into a new climate zone. the winter weather advisory in effect through saturday. again, kaiser's ridge west to garrett county adjacent section. five, six, seven, eight, up
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nine inches of snow. the local ski resorts skiing for joy. numbers right now range in 40's. 41 in cumberland and winchester. 45 in leesburg. 50 in annapolis. 47 at joint base andrews. 49, the nation's capital. feeling cooler because of the persistent wind gust. the last gust out of leesburg 35 miles per hour. 46-mile-per-hour gust out of baltimore. it's windy. you have been landing around here when it's windy like that, rock and rolling for a few minutes. the winds will diminish tonight. still breezy. when we see the temperatures tomorrow morning ranging from the middle 30's, low to middle 30's around the area, that coupled with the winds will be reminded we are at the end of january. the winds are lightener the morning. once the sun come up the winds flare up out of the west. occasional up to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow morning south of the metro. same story.
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mid-30's. the wind chills are in the 30's. it's wintry but not extreme. we get through the afternoon through most of the day the wind chills remain in the 30's throughout the region. downtown tomorrow. the air temperatures lower 40's. the forecast is bright and sunny. colder than recent days. highs of 43. the average tomorrow is 44. pretty close to average. the winds as the feature to make it feel colder. the weekend weather is high of 43 on saturday and sunday increasing cloudiness. the models show weather disturbance sunday, sunday night to monday morning and it's possible there are areas with snowflakes, snowshowers and snow flurries. we get back to sunshine late monday afternoon.
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polar bear plunge saturday afternoon at sandy point. you saw the high schoolers. they are in the lower 40's. there is a breeze. wind chill in the 30's. plan ahead. have fun. the extended outlook taking us through the next fen days. 43, 43. colder on sundays and monday. 40 and 39. we will briefly warm up and drop down. the key here is many times we have seen the seven-day/ten-day where it is all well above average. we want wait until thursday. punxsutawney phil. who needs computers? alison: do you know of doug's theory? larry: no. alison: you will enjoy learning it. let you find out what happens. larry: make sure i'm here. mark it down. alison: see you in a little bit. still ahead, the familiar name that is
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american university. larry: plus it tracks the chance of a nuclear apocalypse. why the doomsday clock is closer to midnight. >> i'm lisa fletcher with a team of attorneys asking your question about elder care, veterans benefit, estate planning. you name it. 703-236-9220. alison: it's welcome back t.g.i.t. it all starts at 8:00 with all new episodes of --
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larry: chance to get free answers to legal questions. the ask the attorney phone bank is open. >> the phones are ringing off the desks. you can call in and ask any legal question you have. but the folks do specialize in elder care. i want to bring in evan pharr of the parr law firm. thank you for being here tonight. >> glad to be here. lisa: let's talk about estate planning. why is it important to understand the difference between revocable trust or a will? >> it is important to understand the difference between a will and a trust. a will
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through the probate process, many people call the nightmare of probate.
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it has instructions to pass asset to the trust through your beneficiaries. lisa: quickly. you deal with the elder care. what is the one issue that you wish more people would address? this is one of them. everybody needs a trust. but what type? there is revocable trust an an asset protection trust. most people are not aware of that is called medicaid asset protection trust or living trust plus. it protests lawsuits from probate and nursing home
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>> call 703-236-9220. >> could we be entering doomsday? >> we move closer to midnight. alison: it now stands at two and a half minutes before the final hour. the clock informs the public when the earth is facing imminent disaster according to the scientists. sometimes it moves closer to midnight, sometimes farther away depending on the conclusion of the group. it blames political rhetoric, nuclear threat and climate change for the news. this is the closest the clock has been to midnight since 1953. larry: ominous. alison: there you go. larry: yeah. thanks. alison: enjoy your dinner. larry: exactly. my goodness. well, we move on while we can. still ahead at 5:00, popular statue swiped but how they brought it back home. alison: first, plan to take on human trafficking, sex crime and murder by cl
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now it works next at "abc7 news at 5:0
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it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it. itz231zz zi0z .
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y231zy yi0y announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: there is a plan in place to fight crime on a stretch of highway that a person called a blight on
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brad bell is in laurel with how the fight against crime start in hotels. brad: the chief hotels against route 198 are squarely in the sights of law enforcement and county officials tonight. >> these hotels are dens of crime, prostitution, drugs, and even murder. >> anne arundel county executive with the chief of police announcing a crackdown on crime. even bringing in the county police helicopter to highlight the resources which will be devoted to the operation. >> we are going to have narcotics officers, vice offers, undercover. >> we have seen the problem first-hand. accompanies police on antiprostitution raid. we were there when they busted this woman operating out of the knight's inn. one of the hotels now put on notice. >> hotel manager i feel like we are being threatened and bullied. >> the general manager shaw says she, too, is trying to curb the crime.
5:32 pm
from $50 to $70 and $80. sometimes over $100 over the weekend just to keep the bat crime out. she assigned a member of her staff to look for the prostitute and if she sees a room that looks like hers, they kick them out. >> le sponding to complaints from the residents of the community she is unsympathetic to hotel's problems. >> if they think they have been lullsied sor fa it will get worse. >> the crackdown starts tonight. brad bell, abc7 news. alison: fairfax county says it stopped a serial burglar in the tracks and he is just a teenager. nicholas cormier is accused of breaking into seven homes in the hayfield view community. police credit alert community members for spotting him. he fit the description of the thief. the officer talked to cormier, she noticed he was wearing jewelry that had
5:33 pm
from a home. now he faces a laundry list of charges. larry: checking the top stories setup is underway for the march for life event tomorrow. the group doesn't do formal crowd counts but anticipate numbers in tens of thousands. vice president mike pence is expected to speak at the event. the morning the antiabortion activists rallied outside planned parenthood in northeast washington. alison: the iconic mural outside ben's chili bowl is gone. the restaurant website announced the painting of cosby, barack obama, chuck brown and donnie simpson were covered. the makeover has nothing to do with the cosby investigation or mr. obama leaving office the owner says. the management is simply asking for the community input to do a new mural. >> president trump announcing 20% tariff on imports from mexico to pay for the mexico border wall as part of the tax reform plan. white house press secretary sean spicer says tariff will
5:34 pm
and pay for aal wall. it will tax other countries for their imports, too not just mexico. sylvia berwell is about to become part of the university. berwell was h.h.s. secretary from mid-2014 through the end of president obama's second term. ahead at 5:00 -- >> this is nothing to cheer about here at springbook high school for a week now. the dance squad says it is disappointed with what the principal had to say about them. i'll tell you what it was coming up. alison: first, how a keg of beer helped bring a beloved firefighter statue back where it belongs. larry: coming up at 6:00, a big sporting event to bring thousands to annapolis. why are neighborsup set? find out at "abc7 news at 6:00"y. but first, jummy olabanji has a preview of what the "good morning w
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jummy: thanks, alison. tomorrow on "good morning washington," whether you are heading to join the march for life or just trying to get around town, we are live with everything you need to know including rally sights, security and detour. larry: >> plus, we are lacking our way to the weekend with "blackish." >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow at 4:25 on "good morning washington."
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doug: the weekend is almost here. air is colder and breezier heading through the evening. check out what we expect. first for the day tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. gusty winds, high of 43. with the wind chills it's likely to stay in the 30's all day long. looking to weekend, plenty of sunshine. breezy on saturday with a high of 43. getting in the day on sunday we have the sunshine in the morning. clouds increase in the afternoon. highs near 40. we mention a few p.m. snowflakes. there
5:37 pm
will come through late sunday and early monday. depending on the location and how it moves through we could see snowshowers or snow flurries but there are no indication of any accumulation. cold weather continues next week. we continue with a ten-day outlook coming your way in ten minutes.
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lisa: welcome back to abc7 news. i'm lisa fletcher in the "7 on your side" phone bank. tonight we have a team of attorneys answering your questions about elder care. that could be anything from questions about medicaid and veteran benefits to escape planning or incapacity planning, like getting a power or attorney or medical directives in attorney. pick up a phone if you have a question and give them a call.
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703-236-9220. alison: great resource there, lisa. thank you. well, you know, a mystery has been solved in white marsh with the help of a keg of beer. larry: maybe the first time that has happened. hang on. it started with a kidnapping of sorts of a popular bar mascot. kathleen kairns explains. >> the red brick restaurant is well known for the food and the beer but something else that everyone talks about that disappeared on tuesday. among the regular customers -- >> i call mr. fireman. >> so word spread quickly when he vanished. >> my fireman is missing. is there so the search began. >> an older gentleman. mr. fireman is probably pushing 60, 65. he is frame. he is around six foot. >> the statue mysteriously disappeared. >> mr. fireman
5:41 pm
20 years now. standing next to his faithal fire hydrant. he didn't go anywhere because he is bolted in the ground. >> posters explain the perplexing puzzle. that put the pub in a pickle. >> we came up with a flyer to try to get the word out. it blew up on social media. >> just 21 hours after the big heist, a friend of the thieves returned mr. firefighter who is back on the job here greeting customers and the mystery solved. kathleen cairns, abc7 news. >> a friend. yeah. so how did the keg of beer factor in? well, that was part of who made this go wild on facebook. the bar offered a keg of beer, a tap and cups to the person or persons who led them to the beloved mascot. alison: did the trick. so funny. larry: he is back. alison: i'm bringing it back for a friend. larry: i just fou
5:42 pm
you to have it back. give me my beer. alison: still ahead at 5:00, hard to tell whose day was worse. the city worker or the owner of the corvette. how a city truck landed on top of it next. larry: also next at 5:00, a high school principal is in trouble for calling a dance squad too
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it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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larry: check out the massive flames -- alison: ripping through an apartment construction site. this is in washington state. crews are trying to figure out what parked the fire. but it burned for hours sending two firefighters to the hospital. at one point part of if structure collapsed. two nearby apartment complexes were evacuated. larry: wow! a high school principal is apologizing for comments he made about a cheerleading squad. q mccray tells us what he said and why the cheerleaders are mad. q: too ghetto. to words but they use to back a punch when used to describe the cheerleaders. >> if the parents are watching
5:46 pm
children they would feel the same anger and the disrespect. q: they are watching one of the november performances shared on twitter. but the performance last week that is causing a stir. according to the newspaper, the school principal dr. art williams who has been on the job since august told the coach the dancing was little too ghetto. tone it down. the cheerleaders haven't performed since in protest. >> was changed. we cheered the same way for the last four plus years. we are confused. >> the principal tweeted this apology and said he was quoting paint branch's principal with the comment. we found out he apologized again in a private meeting last night with the cheerleaders. was the apology good enough? >> it wasn't good enough for us. >> he said another sorry over the intercom over class today. >> it was for the whole school, not just the cheerleaders but everyone involved in the situation that heard about it. and our a.d. was
5:47 pm
>> we love springbrook and we love cheerleaders. we respect the school. but it's unfortunate this had to happen in this manner. >> i tried to get the principal on camera for the interview but they turned us down. the girls are not performing this week but they are thinking about reconsidering for next week. q mccray, abc7 news. larry: how would you like to explain to your boss. sy work truck in atlanta ended up on top of a corvette convertal after a truck careened down a road. several other cars hit as well before it ended up on top of the 1998 vette. the driver wasn't hurt. not physically. but he is still crying. you can hear it. my dad has three of them. i guarantee it. time for a check of the roads. jamie, what is going on? jamie: we are seeing slowing. no many crashes. we had earlier accidents that we are trying to recover. the ten behind me on th
5:48 pm
george's county. that the average speed heading south from 50 to route four. here is where we have the earlier accident. now the traffic is moving. you can get through but a rough ride as far as the slowing. in the district, typical for us on the freeway approaching the 11 street bridge. heavy as well. in virginia, 395. from the pentagon to the mixing bowl we have congestion. the northwest corner is slow crossing the american legion bridge. you get a good idea on the inner loop and the outer loop. continuing north toward bethesda still on the brakes. as you continue past bradley boulevard continuing to silver spring. 270 looks good. 95 heading south. no problems through dale city. and virginia, further south closer to the harbor around triangle. we have delays. that is a look at traffic. back to you. larry: all right. thanks. good thing is the weather is great for a couple of days. however. alison: well, we knew we couldn't hold on to this. this is
5:49 pm
it's pretty windy. doug: it is. but from the memory we have had more yunji de nies weather days than nast -- we have had more nice weather days than nasty days this winter. butt it changes. gusty winds will diminish. we have an hour and a half to go for the wind advisory. the southern maryland, northern neck, spots not included but still breezy there. but not to the level. wind gusts are impressive. latest gust at 2 miles per hour in annapolis. 46-mile-per-hour gusts at the b.w.i. thur booed marshall. 35-mile-per-hour gust at the reagan national and the joint base andrews. 367 miles per hour. the winds will come down but it's breezy. as the temperatures slowly drop and the clear skies down to 38 degrees. 36, 38 in the metro area by morning will feel like the mid-to-the upper 20's because of a combination of the wind and cold temperatures. the forecast low temperatures, thermometer will raise between the lower to the middle 30's
5:50 pm
around most of the region. the ground was dry. we don't worry about the icy patches or anything like that. we think the day will start to quiet up with the sunshine. winds are light in the morning at 36. we will warm to 43. it's about average. the wind gusts despite the sunshine to make it feel several degrees colder through the day. the weekend, 43 on saturday. 40 on sunday. the clouds increase. maybe a few late day snow flurries or the snowshowers. ten day outlook, give you a good look at this. we see the numbers come up and go down. warmest day is wednesday at 47. we look to next weekend. we will see what happens. it looks like the temperatures turn warmer. as we head through saturday and sunday. yes, i see the things dropping from the clouds. we'll talk about that later. back to you. alison: not ready to address that. erin: what are those? we haven't seen that much larry: maybe they will just disappear if we don't talk about it. larry: big news in sports. enders
5:51 pm
it's amazing how far the wizards have gone. everything working for them. congratulations could be in order for john wall. espn is reporting that the wizards guard has been volted by coaches to be eastern conference all-star reserve. he is averaging career high 23.1 points per game to go with the 10. is assists. he has 16 double-deckers. that is more than twice the total of any other guard in the conference. stick around. next hour you will hear from john wall. this week toyota team player is one of g.w. best. tyler cavanaugh, the colonial's leading scorer. he has helped the team through the tough times. but he is taking leadership role. it has never been an issue for him. >> in his senior season at g.w., tyler cavanaugh has found himself in much more of the leadership role. >> last year i came in around i tried to plug myself
5:52 pm
the veteran players. we lost the guys. now we have six freshmen to give them, show them what it is all about. the freshmen, a hard adjustment. >> they don't know what they are getting into. >> not only that, but the head coach lonnergan was fired so the team had to adjust to a new interim head coach. >> shoot this quick. >> it was crazy. we had to move forward. keep pushing ourselves. >> what is most impressive to me has been his ability to lead through the adversity that our guys face. give credit to leadership. we've going to work and win games. >> last year the colognallials won the n.i.t. tournament. cavanaugh namedded the most outstanding player. while it may be difficult for g.w. to follow it up this season. cavanaugh still believes.
5:53 pm
put yourself in a position to make something special happen in march. all you can ask for. erin: it has been tough after lonnergan was let go. a big adjustment. hanging in there. i like the positivity. you never know what could happen. larry: they fight. stay in and try to keep fighting. great spirit. alison: still to come next at 5:00. controversial arrest in texas. the to sides to the story ahead. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado all star edition and get an average total value of eight thousand one hundred fifty dollars when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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jonathan: reminder to get free legal questions. ask the attorney. call 703-236-9220. the attorneys in the help center specialize in elder law but they can answer questions on a variety of legal matters. by the way, the phones are open until 6:30. alison: we have new details in the police takedown of a texas mother an her children. as kenneth moton tells us there
5:57 pm
the arrest. >> why did you put your hands on my son? >> the video shows the moment a police officer went from zero to 60. black live activist and staff writer sean king released the video online. in december, there was a different angle of the incident. originally called the officer after she said a neighbor choked her 7-year-old son for literring. >> why doesn't you get your son up? >> it doesn't matter if he did or didn't. it doesn't give him the right to put his hands on him. >> the situation escalated. the teenager daughter tried to intervene. all three arrested and charged. g
5:58 pm
are you are going to jail, too. >> i don't care. >> after the body cam video went public the fort worth police department announced all charges were dropped. >> they are going to give him a ticket and let hem pay a fine. that is unacceptable. >> the son issued citation for the misdemeanor assault. >> members in the the community are outragedded calling for him to be fired. alison: that is all for 5:00. but for now at 6:00, who will pay for the wall? as the president tries to follow through on a campaign promise, the mexican president takes a stand. >> and a high-flying
5:59 pm
but not everyone is excited about it. maureen: bone of contention with the border wall. jonathan: he is calling for a 20% tax on imports from mexico. the white house press secretary made that announcement on air force one just today when the president was returning from the g.o.p. congressional retreat in philadelphia. this comes after the mexican president canceled the meeting with president trump in washington that was scheduled for next week. president trump: unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless.
6:00 pm
obamacare and immigration. when it comes to immigration a deep line in the sand is drawn. on one side, president trump and the others are mayors of the so-called sanctuary city. maureen: the president vows to cut off federal funding for cities that refuse to arrest or turn over illegal immigrants. >> local leaders are threating to to go to court. >> loud and bilingual. the rift between sanctuary cities and president trump is intensifying. mayors coast to coast vowing to defy an executive order that says comply with the federal laws or watch your federal funds dry up. >> i'm willing to lose every penny to protect the people. >> doubling down today he is damping down. >> i mean the illegal removal of the criminal ale


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